Green Dutch

Green Dutch

Green Dutch is considered to be 'green' or eco-friendly for many reasons. Green Dutch main purpose is to replace disposable plastic water bottles that are harmful to our environment and our health. Millions of disposable plastic bottles are dumped into landfills daily and Green Dutch is the solution! Additionally, Green Dutch are manufactured and distributed using eco-friendly business practices.

Why should I purchase a Green Dutch
When you buy a Green Dutch you are making a difference! Green Dutch is an eco-friendly, toxin-free solution to plastic water bottles and plastic sports bottles that may contain BPA. It is designed to be refillable and reusable and will help you stay hydrated. You make a smart and eco-friendly decision every time you use your Green Dutch.

What is 18/8 Stainless Steel
18/8 Stainless Steel is a non-corrosive, non-leeching, dish washer safe steel used in flatware and cookware. 18/8 Stainless Steel does not require an enamel or plastic coating as it is a non-porous material and will not transfer taste or smell to liquids. 18/8 Stainless Steel is 100% consumer safe.

Why is Stainless Steel better than aluminum?
While the properties of both metals can be safe for consumer products aluminum tends to transfer taste and smells when used for liquid storage. Because of this, our competitors use a plastic lining to reduce the absorption of taste and smell from certain liquids. Typically this lining is plastic which my contain chemicals such as BPA or phthalates that have shown to leech into food or liquids. Additionally, there have been recent studies that links aluminum to Alzheimer's disease.

What is BPA?
BPA or Bisphenol-A is an industrial chemical used to manufacture plastic resins, epoxy resins and other products. Recent studies have shown that high exposure to BPA poses health risks such as diabetes, birth defects and certain forms of cancer. While the FDA still maintains BPA to be safe in low doses, some states and Canada have passed legislation banning the material from all consumer products.

Is the Polypropylene cap safe
Green Dutch caps are 100% consumer safe. Polypropylene is a hard, heat-resistant resin that is used to manufacture many consumer-grade food containers. PP is considered to be a 'safe plastic' and contains no BPA or phthalates.

What can I fill my Green Dutch with
You can fill you Green Dutch with carbonated beverages, juice, tea, coffee and alcohol. Just rinse out your Green Dutch when changing from one beverage to another. Green Dutch are safe for all drinkable liquids.

Can I fill my Green Dutch with hot liquids
We don't recommend filling your Green Dutch with hot liquids. Green Dutch is constructed of a single wall stainless steel, unlike a thermos which is double walled. Hot liquids will transfer the temperature to the outside of your bottle and it may be too hot to carry.

Can I put my Green Dutch in the freezer
We do not recommend placing your Green Dutch in the freezer. As liquids freeze they expand which could damage your Green Dutch.

How do I clean my Green Dutch
We recommend hand washing your Green Dutch with a non-abrasive sponge, dish soap and warm water. If you decide to wash your Green Dutch in the dishwasher please use a low temperature cycle with a cool dry setting.