With our team of experts, we will help you to get the best out of you! Whether you want to lose weight, increase your muscle size, optimise your performance, or increase your healthy lifestyle, SynTech is the right choice!
It doesn’t matter which sport you practise, or which goal you pursue. Everything needs to be just right. Besides your training schedule, your recovery and night rest, your nutrition plan also need to be balanced and well timed.  You put so much effort in trying to achieve your goals, so you deserve the best supplements that actually work. SynTech is there to help you achieve the physique you want. We are committed to help you get the job done!

We are proud to offer you our selection of products based on the slogan “Formulated Without Compromise”. During the development phase of our products we pursue high quality and optimal performance. In order to do so, we respect 4 key parameters:

  1. Innovative and scientifically based products
    SynTech™ doesn’t stand for “hyped” products based on “promising studies”. Nor does it contain new but vague ingredients which eventually lead to disappointing results. The strength of SynTech™ lies within its carefully combined mix of ingredients which contain scientifically proven active substances.
  2. SynTech™ only uses the best ingredients
    We are one of the few companies that during the selection of its product ingredients resolutely and exclusively uses “Trade Marks”. It goes without saying that these are more expensive, but they offer a number of important advantages: The components are of superior quality. We prefer Trade Marks made in Europe, as ingredients produced in Europe are submitted to very strict production and quality checks. In addition, the components produced by Trade Mark manufacturers are based on scientific publications and research. Products are traceable on the level of ingredients, which improves quality and food safety.
  3. SynTech™ only uses fully active doses
    Many food supplement manufacturers do not take the correct dose of ingredients very serious. All too often, they only add small quantities of active substances to their products, which leads to poor performance. However, SynTech™ does not offer products based on “proprietary blends” containing sub-dosed or redundant ingredients. Our products only contain fully active doses. We are convinced that the added value for an athlete is higher when leaving out the redundant ingredients and only adding the correct quantity of active substances.
  4. All products are formulated synergistically. They contain a combination of ingredients which interact with each other and allow optimal performance and ensure maximum efficiency. In addition, SynTech™ products are easily digested and taste delicious. 


SynTech™ has brought out a selection of efficient and high quality products belonging to the absolute top segment on the market. The quality assurance system in place is conform ISO 22000 and HACCP and all products are GMO free. We guarantee all top athletes that our used ingredients are in accordance with WADA regulation and European legislation.


As an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, SynTech strongly believes that premium sports nutrition is for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, male or female, young or old, everyone can benefit from quality food supplements.

SynTech™ is the right choice for people who:

  • Want to maintain a healthy and sporty lifestyle
  • Want to control their weight and eating habits
  • Look for a faster and better recovery
  • Want to increase their power and strength and develop their muscle mass (eg. bodybuilders, rugby players, MMA fighters, boxers, athletes, gymnasts etc.)
  • Want to boost their performance during long and intense workouts (suited for individuals that practise endurance sports, martial arts, track and field sports, rowing, cycling etc.)


SynTech is run by a team that consists of nutritionists, bio chemists, doctors, personal trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches. Each of them has the know-how and expertise in their specific field. They all share the same thing: their passion for training, sport, fitness, nutrition and getting results.  They closely work together with coaches and top athletes of different sport disciplines who compete at international level. With their feedback, the SynTech team of experts is able to constantly develop and deliver the best products.